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Tales from Kentucky #4: Lost Tire Hell!

Id decided to sell the beautiful, big, orange KTM 300 EXC dirt bike that took forever to fix. I listed it on Ebay and agreed to a deal with a guy from California. You cant put a full sized motorcycle in an envelope or a box and ship it off. So, I found a

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What’s Your Mentality?

Mentality is defined as a way of thinking. Everyone can have a different mentality and it may change over time. Mentality is important because ia strong

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It Pays to be Aware of Your Surroundings!

[This is a new type of post for me. Others are doing it in varying ways. It is what is known as a microblog post. Ive attached two here for this first attempt. Let me know what you think with the submit a comment section below. Is it too little? More like

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The Art of Dancing in the Rain

We all at some point in our lives have danced in the rain. Some of us are at this very moment dancing in the rain. The true art of it all is learning to dance well in the rain.

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The Art of Building A Legacy-Community Trailblazers

The work and voice of Dr. Martin Luther King still echoes across the country. His work paved a path and legacy for millions. Each of us can build a legacy that serves as a guiding path for the future. It only takes one s...

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