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Tales from Turtletown #6: The Watch Man

[Image by AnnaliseArt via Pixabay] Theres an old song from the Smokies about losing a girl for proceeding with too much trepidation. When you finish the first half of this story, youll know why I wanted a wristwatch so young. When you finish the second ha

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We the People!

By Wanda Rose, JD, MPH

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Lost In The Wilderness

In our wildest imagination I could not have dreamed up the year 2020. Even as a writer, I would not have dared write and conjure up the story that we are living. We are in the wilderness and there is no compass.

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Tales from Oklahoma #6: Baby Frogs, Little Fish and Injured Girls

[Cover Photo by Jordan Bauer on Unsplash] Im always up for exploring new lakes, rivers and creeks. Any excuse to fish is a good one for me. So, I had occasion to explore the banks of Shell Lake (near Sand Springs) recently and tried different things there

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Rise Up!

No matter where you are at this moment you must Rise up! Even if you do not have the stamina to rise, you have to tell yourself to Rise Up! Remind yourself daily that you can and will Rise Up, beyond any circumstances. ...

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