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The Art of Laughter

For the last month we have be in a dream. A dream many of us would love to awake from. However, the dream keeps going because its our reality. A reality that evolves daily and includes separation which involves silence....

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Keep Standing

A toddler is taught to stand and its a major milestone in life. Once you begin standing you think I got this and I will always stand. As you get older you learn you can be knocked off your feet.

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Tales from The Thompsons: Bird in the Hand, Bobcat in the Street

[Photo by Tahoe on Unsplash] Ive got a couple of very short stories for you this week: Bird in the Hand and Bobcat in the Street Bird in the Hand: For me, theres nothing like the pure pleasure of riding a dirt-bike in the woods. Ive written about what tha

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Tales from Kentucky #4: Lost Tire Hell!

Id decided to sell the beautiful, big, orange KTM 300 EXC dirt bike that took forever to fix. I listed it on Ebay and agreed to a deal with a guy from California. You cant put a full sized motorcycle in an envelope or a box and ship it off. So, I found a

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What’s Your Mentality?

Mentality is defined as a way of thinking. Everyone can have a different mentality and it may change over time. Mentality is important because ia strong

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