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The Art of Dancing in the Rain

We all at some point in our lives have danced in the rain. Some of us are at this very moment dancing in the rain. The true art of it all is learning to dance well in the rain.

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The Art of Building A Legacy-Community Trailblazers

The work and voice of Dr. Martin Luther King still echoes across the country. His work paved a path and legacy for millions. Each of us can build a legacy that serves as a guiding path for the future. It only takes one s...

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Tales from Kentucky #5: An Ordinary Day on the Boat

I was so excited to have my new (to me) bass boat that Id take anyone out on it whenever there was an opportunity. No obstacle would prevent the trip once wed committed to go either. I had trouble getting anyone lined up one particular Saturday, but my si

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Trust the Process

Its the season of Joy. The season is joyous for many but for some their joy is masked in darkness. Some people feel like another year is ending and their dreams are unfulfilled.

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Motorcycle Tales #3: I’ll Have a Cup of Joy with my Experience!

I last wrote about how much motorcycles affect and drive me. I thought Id share more details of some specific sensory experiences I had when riding at different times. The second day I had the Hodaka 125 (at 12 years old) I left the yard for the unknown e

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Don’t Let Your Dreams Die

Our dreams are sometimes bigger than our imagination. Many of us have dreams that we have had since childhood. Some of us act on our dreams while others let dreams die.

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