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Change Your Perspective

Change Your Perspective.....

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Tales from Turtletown #1: The Crazy Creek

[Photo above by Brian Wegman on Unsplash] I know Ive promised a tale or two about dirt bikes and this is one from my younger days. We had been living in or around Murphy, NC for a while and we tended to move around the area based on where my mom got work

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Tales from Kentucky #1: The Spider Girl

[Photo by Tracey Hocking on Unsplash] Try the new audio of this blog post. First, if youre still on the home page, click on the title of the post to go to the actual blog post, then, click here: So, Ive mentioned many times that I

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Tales from Oklahoma #5: The Hidden Gems

Every state has a few parks, exhibits or attractions for which it is well known. Take for example: Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota or The Alamo in San Antonio, Tx. Then there are the hidden gems. In Kentucky, it was a small lake called Bashear hidden in betw

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Build a Table

I wasnt planning on even writing today but a few thoughts came to my mind tonight. Tyler Perry has spoken about building your own table and this concept resonates not just with me but many. The concept of building your...

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Tales from Kentucky #6: The New Boat and the Wildlife Surprise

[Cover Photo by Tarutoa on Unsplash] When I first bought my boat, I thought it was just to get better access to fish. I didnt realize all the pleasant extras Id get with it. It provides something fun to do on the weekends. Its fun to just be on the water.

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