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Praying for Patience by Wanda Rose

We often pray for patience, but in all honesty patience is difficult. Everyone tells you to be patient and it will all come to you. In theory it sounds great but when your in difficult times or working on your dreams, w...

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Learn to Fall By Wanda Rose

You have to keep reminding yourself that its all right to fall. Falling is a part of living but you have to fall well. More important, you have to learn to get up when you fall.

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What Is The Difference Between Tired And Sleepy?

Ever slept so much and still woke up feeling fagged out? At that point, you might have started wondering if you actually need more than sleep to not tired. Well, the thing is, theres actually a difference between being sleepy and being tired. Now, it migh

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Your Mental Health Matters

It is critical to take charge of your mental health. Your mental Health is just as important as your physical Health. The stigma must stop because there is no shame in asking for help.

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