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Standing on the Ledge

We look over the ledge and there is fear beyond the clouds. Sometimes we have to stand on the ledge look out and abandon all fears. The scariest site can be what we see when we stand on the ledge.

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How High Can You Fly?

The mind and what we speak to ourselves are incredibly powerful. There really are no limits to how high we can fly. The only limits are the ones we may set for ourselves.

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Motorcycle Tales #2: The Wind in Your Face

I previously wrote a story about how motorcycles got introduced to me (Motorcycles, Motorcycles Everywhere). That story explains how they got introduced to me, but it doesnt tell the story of what they do for me. I attempt to cover that here, but the uniq

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Change Your Perspective

Change Your Perspective.....

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Tales from Turtletown #1: The Crazy Creek

[Photo above by Brian Wegman on Unsplash] I know Ive promised a tale or two about dirt bikes and this is one from my younger days. We had been living in or around Murphy, NC for a while and we tended to move around the area based on where my mom got work

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Tales from Kentucky #1: The Spider Girl

[Photo by Tracey Hocking on Unsplash] Try the new audio of this blog post. First, if youre still on the home page, click on the title of the post to go to the actual blog post, then, click here: So, Ive mentioned many times that I

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